Saturday, June 4, 2011

Silversmithing,WIP and Mail

I'm slowly getting back my Mo and Jo and just in time I think. Of course though now I tidied, decluttered and moved rooms with my stash I can't find a bloomin thing LOL. Silversmithing classes and a relo invasion from the East Coast have been keeping me on the non stop go but I have been getting in my new art space a little bit...slowly making a lovely untidy mess on my desk YEHA. In silversmithing I have now made a pair of textured sterling silver hoop ear-rings to match my cuff and ring....sorry my photos are crap though...must learn how to take better shots of shiny stuff!!. This Wednesday is my last class and I'll be making 2 twisted wire bracelets...I think LOL.

I also ordered a few things that have been arriving in the last week...some new stamps for etching from Jen C

and Kerin Gale's doing 2 of her on line classes...her work and book reminds me of Stephanie Lee's work and book Semi Precious Salvage. It was Stephanie Lee's book that got me making nesty jewellery and where I first read about etching metal.

In Kerin's book and her classes I'm learning how to make texture with epoxy clay, silicone moulds and resin....right up my ally *grin*. Of course I then needed some vintage finery to get some cool texture from. I have ordered 5 of these Ambrotype photos in ornate tooled leather cases. 2 have come and I adore these...the images are on glass, with clear glass on top and they have gorgeous embossed copper around them. They come in wonderful leather cases and are from the 1850's

Can't wait till the other three arrive. Last night I used some Pinkysil I got from Jen C's shop and made some moulds from the covers. I then tried some old Liquid Glass resin that had gone amber and some ice resin in the moulds. Today I'll try some polymer clay in the moulds....then who knows....

 The amber small resin at top right has small bubbles I forgot to burn off with my butane so when I use that one I'll just cut the oval out!

In amongst loosing a half day with shopping for Carlia's 21st birthday (on the 18th June) yesterday and mucking around with the moulds and resin I also got Carlia's 21st card made...she doesn't look in here so I am safe to share this today. The image is Carlia as a toddler.

Hope she likes it and her gifts. Time to hang the washing out and then I have the rest of the day to myself to get into my room and mess it all up so I can find stuff again :o)
Annette In Oz


stregata said...

Oooooh, love the textures! Those silicone moulds turned out wonderfully and I am quite in love with those resin pieces... can't wait to see what they turn into.

Lucy said...

Wow, you have been busy! Everything looks great. I have used the book cover stamps for etching & made a book, such a lovely stamp.
Hugs Lucy

Jen Crossley said...

WOW love what you have been doing Annette

lindacreates said...

I just answered my own question by reading the post before the last one. I thought that is what you did, but now I know! Great job on the molds. I want to buy Kerin's book too.

Xanapan said...

Hi Annette - just cruising past to see what you've been up to. Beautiful work as always - you always amaze me with your beautiful pieces. Love Carlia's 21st carg - gorgeous! Thank you for sharing


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