Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost In the Music...Ice Resin Bezel

One more for today. I love this vintage dancer and have used her on many projects.....she looks lost in the music and dance. Into the bezel she went, filled it in with ice resin and backed it with some vintage music sheet. The little glass vile above her head was from Jen Crossley and had a minute rock sample in an inner capsule. On the outside it has "fitrite" on it. I rolled some of the old music sheet and put it in the capsule and filled that with ice resin.Then I filled the vial and pushed the capsule back in and corked it. I made a small hole in the cork to make sure it would still set.

I had some trouble working out how to attach it all as I don't have items to drill into the glass vial and there was no bevel on the vial to stop the wire falling off one end of it. Anywho there it is....lost in the music and me lost at my desk LOL.
Annette In Oz

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