Friday, July 9, 2010

Steampunk necklace-Miss 6

It's funny how things can not mean much on their on but when placed near by they are transformed.I had an old medicine cup(what else would a registered nurse have, along with scalpel blades etc etc LOL)on my desk and it had a mix of metallic odds an ends in there like an Ice resin filled bezel with a small child image inside,some etched brass (Jen Crossley got me addicted to etching....and I am so glad she did),a twisted piece of annealed wire I had used to practice making circles with,a dangle thingo and a tiny brass number 6.I tipped them all out and they sort of fell in an art doll shape.HHHmmm what if I cut that etched brass into a torso and add the head wings and legs.....and a necklace called miss 6 evolved.Here she is image taken flash off.

and with flash on.

I think the right wing needs lowering but then again we as humans are asymmetrical ourselves so maybe I shall leave it.My hand made necklaces and rings etc are accumulating LOL but I sssoo love making these metal things.
My work life has been maniac like since January and its easy to forget the wonders that are all around us every day...slow down and look is a gorgeous sunset at Lee Point here in Darwin taken a few days ago.

We are off to the Bungle Bungle's again next month with my Mum and Grant's Mum....the magic of our land allures me and I can't wait to go there again.
Annette In Oz

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