Friday, July 16, 2010

Steampunk bracelet-Miss 6's Older Sister-etched brass cuff

Well the cleaning of the kitchen cupboards is still a work in progress LOL. I've come down with a nasty flu and I was meant to go to a stamping week-end in town from this evening. I feel yucko and I don't want to make anyone else sick, so I stayed at home and I consoled myself with etching in the day and making another cuff after dinner. My little Miss 6 necklace came shopping with me on Thursday and I have never had so many people interested in my chest *grin*. Anyway I thought she would need a big sister to accompany her on visits to town in the future. As Miss 6 is rather out there, I imagined her sister would be a wee bit out there too. She has wings like her little sister and some cogs here and there. Her smiling face shines thru the ice resin from her large brass nut frame.

These two must have had an artistic Mum LOL...maybe a vintage dancer or a circus lady. I have some more etched brass to play with tomorrow. I really want to make another brass nest set as I gave my last set away to a dear friend who admired them. Then I need to get into a book for someone else. It feels good to create and even though the head is not clear it stops me thinking of how disappointed I am at not stamping all week-end with my friends!!
Annette In Oz

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