Thursday, July 15, 2010

Copper Cuff and Soldered bezel

Don't know how this minute I was taking out all the stuff in the kitchen cupboards to give them an annual clean...then I went to my desk to put yet another handy "kitchen item" on my craft desk....I swear aliens then abducted me as I lost three hours and came to my senses with some jewellery in my hands LOL. I made this etched copper cuff with stained gauze and an ice resin filled decorative frame. I love using the metal patina on the etched metal items these days. As you can see there is an air bubble on the ladies head but it doesn't show up in the light just in the camera light. The beauty with ice resin is you can sand imperfections and then "heal "the error with some more liquid ice resin if you have too.

Jen Crossley I did it!!!!.I finally gave soldering a try with Jen's help several times.(thanks JEN)....yes my hands shook and yes I redid it maybe four looks rough and rustic but I got there. Here is my first soldered handmade bezel. This is one I sanded afterwards and then healed with the ice resin (Jen sells the resin here in Oz) as two small bugs had landed on the wet resin as it cured overnight. The photo was taken off centre and the half clock sticks out at the right but is not evident from the front on. I placed the bg in, did a layer of resin, let it set, added the clock, poured more resin, let it set, added the little girls and the ruler and then domed the resin on top and left it all to set.

Suppose I had better get back to the kitchen and complete the housework but making stuff is so much more fun LOL.
Annette In Oz

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