Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I heART you

My arm is slowly healing post rotator cuff repair. I had no idea how painful that operation is post op...I get quite frustrated with myself that I can not do art work except for some sketching here and there. I'm not even allowed to drive the car for four weeks. I've been spending the time walking alot and going thru old magazines to pull out projects that I may want pre tossing them out. Ive also been keeping on top of my e-mails for a change LOL. I was tiding up my desk today so I can get to it easily when I am able to use my arm again without pain. Under some magazines there was an old cardboard box that I use for my spray colours and shimmery mists. I had last used it for samples for when I went to NZ. It looks so pretty I thought I would share.

I'll keep the image as no doubt it shall be lost as I use the box more. Please use it if you like for some art projects. If I can't create you may as well LOL. My gorgeous Mum turns 80 on Friday. I have a lovely but blurry photo of her when she was 16 that I have tidied up a bit in Photoshop.I have now printed it on calico. I'm going to TRY to make her a simple card after dinner with one arm....we shall see where that takes me :o). Thankyou to all who have sent me well wishes and I heART you back LOL.
Annette In Oz


Anonymous said...

Good luck with your card making for your Mum - she'll love it however it turns out! Congrats to her for 80 years - mine made that age last October! I love the heart, by the way.

Lucy said...

Hi Annette,
My husband had this op a few years ago, his advice to you is do what the specialist says, no shortcuts and you will be fine!
Just remember it will turn out fine, enjoy the time off, and make heaps of plans for post recuperation time!
Hugs Lucy

stregata said...

Can you come over and go through my magazines prior to tossing, as well? LOL Hope the pain lessens a bit each day and wishing you speedy recovery.

Chris Arlington said...

Wow Annette your spray box turned out fabulous !
Don't overdo it with your recovery in progress.
Take Care,
Chris xo


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