Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tiny Dancer Resin Play

I had two days off this week.I thought my extra work at work would finish this week too but they want me to keep going till I go to the retreat in Melbourne mid March.I'm missing having time to be creative but I got time yesterday and this morning to have a little play.I had wanted to do Susan Lenart Kazmer's resin explorations class at the retreat but decided on it too late to get in SSSSOOO I bought some Ice Resin, her DVD and book and gave it a try myself.Here are some bezels and bits I filled with resin last night.I forgot to sand the edge of the large male one this AM but will do that later.The resin is jewellery grade and non toxic and it doesn't yellow even after 30 plus years.

When you apply the resin to papers they become see thru so I made a few leaf forms from hammered annealed wire and added a child head in a bezel and attached it all to an old broken clay pipe I found in the old gold fields up here...I've called her "Tiny Dancer".The arms have little music notes and her body form has a piece of paper that reads "Please get my skirt(dress) cleaned."

I'm liking the resin.You MUST measure it accurately as I was slightly off and it wouldn't dry even after three hrs and I thought I had to throw it all out.Thankfully the heat here saved the day and when I woke in the AM all was well and the resin was nice and hard.Shame I have to go to work NOW!!!
Annette In Oz

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