Sunday, February 28, 2010


Hi all
I' just wanted to say a huge thanks for those who have dropped in and those that left me a comment for the last few posts.I would usually send each person(where able)a thanks but with me doing 90 plus hrs a fortnight at work at the moment I just haven't got time.....I do apologise for that.What an amazing World we live in where we can all share things we are passionate about.I've worn tiny dancer to work this week and everyone loves her...I'm itching to make some more Ice Resin art doll necklaces.
Okies for those who wanted to know where to get the Ice Resin....I got mine from Objects and Elements in the USA and Jen Crossley here in Oz.I had wanted to do Jen's class using it a few weeks back but just couldn't afford it but if you live in an area she is teaching at and can take her class go for it...she is sssooo kind,patient and inspiring.I got the book and the DVD and my first lot of Ice Resin from Objects and Elements...that was before I knew Jen sold it here.I some how knew I would love the stuff so while the parcel came from the USA I got some from Jen too....and I love it,love it,love it!!!
I'm burning dinner AGAIN so have to scoot.Thanks again folks :o).
Annette In Oz

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