Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Saturdays Class With Jen Crossley...The Swallow Book

On the Saturday we made Jen's Swallow book.This was the Mother of all classes LOL but HUGELY worth the end result I can tell you. I really thought I would not finish mine in time.The images below show how the book looked after 10hrs...there is more embellishments I want to add when I get a chance now I am home but really it could be called finished as it is.I had not counted on how much glue and tape I would need and thankfully sat with a dear friend Louise who lent me loads of hers.The cover is an old book that had its guts removed and has stained gauze,old stained text(note the "Windy World" title I found to add to the top),an old book spine and a gorgeous alcohol ink stained number and Swallow.The pin mid right that holds the leather strap closure was made by John as well.

Behind the cover is a cigar tin that we painted white and then stained with alcohol inks

and in the tin top is a stained,vintage image tag for a flower

and a card with an old style seahorse image

On the opposite page we used three of Jen's frames ...two to make a recess and then one at the back for the reverse page.In one we placed old vintage paper in,some dried flowers and then a gorgeous cherub transparency frame on the top

On the other side we put a tree landscape transparency and the vintage lady image.There was another transparency to go over this but I couldn't get it to sit without covering too much up in the background so I shall add some flourishes when I have time instead.

The next page had another two of Jen's frames back to back that held a Swallow transparency and a large piece of mica.There is also the tree transparency frame over the top.Here is what it looks like with the page after peeking thru from front to back.

and with a sheet of white card stock behind it

next is from the back looking thru to image of the lady and tree from above.

This little dude on the next page cracked me up.He is so not amused LOL.

and behind him is another tree silhouette transparency and a vintage man.I forgot to cut out the white bits under his arms.I was going to ask Jen if she had a copy but I forgot that 3pm my head was a bit brain dead.Might even have a similar one in my stash when I get a chance to look

On this page it shows the back of a fob watch transparency that we added a keyhole transparency too plus an image of a little boy behind the keyhole.Just peeking behind it is the rear page with a nest.

and the keyhole boy closer....hhhmmm my circular cutting needs some help *grin*...maybe an old circular frame is needed to cover it up!!

This is the reverse side looking thru toward the front of the book again and shows the front of the fob watch transparency and the pages before it.

For the rear back cover we made a shadow box that held a bird nest,eggs and feathers and the was covered with another of Jen's frames...I love this part.

and a closer look at the bird nest

Next is a side view of the shadow box

and also a view from the side with the book closed..

It was a long but a very very rewarding day.With everyone working at different paces I'm amazed at Jen's patience with us all and at the wonderful end result.I would have so stayed another 10 hours creating with Jen if I had too.Evvie and John were fluttering around in the background helping where needed and plying us with drinks of water,coffee etc.Evvie makes a divine date loaf folks...I'm sure I put on two kilos that day LOL. In the evening we went to the China Rose Chinese restaurant for a yummy meal.I slept like a log that night but I do recall thinking how sad that my arty adventure was drawing to an end.The next day would be the etching metal necklace class and the last for this year WAH.By this second day my head was full of new tools I just have to source when I get home...tomorrow was awaiting with a promise of more arty creating to come.I'll try to upload the etched necklace class later on tonight after dinner
Annette In Oz


Bridget Larsen said...

Wow they are absolutely gorgeous Annette

NessH said...

Annette, it was a long long day and it was worth it..your book turned out stunning...
you put so much effort in..coming home with 3 pieces of art finished from 3 classes...yahh..
Annette it was just wonderful to met you...thanks for coming so far to do these classes..

NessH said...

Annette, it was a long long day and it was worth it..your book turned out stunning...
you put so much effort in..coming home with 3 pieces of art finished from 3 classes...yahh..
Annette it was just wonderful to met you...thanks for coming so far to do these classes..

Jen Crossley said...

Looks wonderful Annette What did Grant say about completing 3 projects ??

Zeborah Loray said...

Amazing book!
What material are the frames? Are some of them printed transparencies?
I couldn't tell for sure how thick some of the parts are from the photos.
Looks like a fascinating process. Loved the shodow box page with the bird's nest.

Sounds like a wonderful series of classes. So happy for you!!!!

Neet said...

Absolutely fabulous! What a lovely piece of work to have m- a treasure for always. Lucky you!

Mari said...

Oh, Annette! This is amazing, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful - JUST FANTASTIC!
I imagine it would be tough for me to commute from Colorado - but I would *love* to do something like this. Just to have it. Covet it. Maybe love it a bunch (hopefully without drooling!). :D
You did a terrific job. But then, you're an amazing artist!

Brenda said...

Wow, how awesome - 10 hours - bet the time flew by.

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

OMG Annette...these are sooo wicked awesome!!! You are so flippin' talented!! As far as the little dude is concerned, he not only looks bored, but I find him somewhat "creepy". It's like he has the eyes of an old man, and his proportions are just eerie!! What fantastic pieces...all of them. Thanks for sharing. Hisses, Rockin Robin

Hermine said...

ove it, love it, love it.

Night Owl Designs said...

Oh my gosh, what a lot of work but it's payed off because it looks fabulous Annette!

Barb said...

How wonderful is this???!!! it all! I have yet to meet Jen but am an admirer of her many talents!

Craftgirl said...

Love it. What a great result. But how are the pages secured?


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