Saturday, May 2, 2009

Raisin and Eggplant

Well after I uploaded the backgrounds I made from the previous post I had hoped to do some daily posts of the cards I was making in sent me another curve ball and you know those hands of mine that I showed you still stained with Polished Pigments after I had washed them four times???...well as I drove to work that day I inadvertently rubbed my right eye...this caused instant pain,redness and swelling...the swelling stayed there for several days and then I caught the flu ggggrrrr.Anywho I got to play at last yesterday and today with the raisin and eggplant looking sprayed papers I had made.
Firstly I tore and layered them onto Vilene using gel medium to glue them in place.These are inspired by the card Deb Baker sent me that is here

Next I stamped on them with white gesso to tie them all in and make them less quilt like

Then I added a hand drawn image I did from over 20yrs ago,ran it thru my sewing machine using straight stitch and zigzag, added some metallic words that I applied raisin and eggplant alcohol inks too,sewed on some raisin and eggplant stained paper flowers and buttons and sewed on some of the lace I had sprayed in the post below
Here is the top section closer
and the bottom part

This is a card for my Mum for Mother's day. :o)


kelsey said...

Absolutely beautiful Mother's Day card the eggplant colouring and your drawing just tops it off perfectly.

Brenda said...

How gorgeous, I'm sure your mum will love it.

Zeborah Loray said...

I remembwr seeing that drawing from a previous post somewhere. I had been quite taken with it then- and it is perfect for this piece.


Barb said...

Hi Annette,
your mother is in for a real treat when she receives this beautiful card..congrats and thanks for sharing.hugs Barb

Debbi Baker said...

Love your card Annette (especially love the depth of the colours and how they really set off your lovely drawing!). You have my sympathies in the health cum accident and injury zone!!


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