Monday, April 27, 2009

Inky Spray Play and Some More Mail Has Come

There I was tidying up my desk after completing my Paulette Insall class...I have two further drawn face images on canvas backgrounds ready to paint but have to put them aside to make a few birthday and Mothers Day cards..and I found some mail that came for me early in my class and had no time to photograph.I had sent the artistic Dutch stamper Hermine Kloster some of the gloss card that I use to do Inkjet Water Transfers as she had no luck in finding any that worked for her where she lived.In return Hermine sent me a wonderful package with German scrap( I LLLOOOVVVEE this stuff LOL),vintage images,collage papers,charms,old beads and bits and pieces plus this way beautiful bound book below.It has a lovely canvas feel and soft pastel tones.Isn't it gorgeous?.Hermine is one of the people I have stopped to make a card for as I had no time when I sent her the gloss card.

Onto card making.I have no idea where this will end up....I never do *grin*.So here is the start.I have used water colour paper that I have applied 4 coats of white gesso too.I then sprayed them with cranberry Luminarte Radiant Rain spray,blueberry shake Stewart Superior Memory Mist spray and then I used a fine sprayer and spritzed with water plus sprinkled on snapdragon Luminarte Polished Pigment powder.OH my these are so shimmery and pretty in real life.

I had the spray bug then so then I used the same colours on scrapbook papers and the corner I have a stamped image of two children and a Translucent Liquid Sculpey transfer onto chiffon....hhhmmm maybe I should do a video how too of that for folks as it is another EASY transfer method that is way versatile.

At the bottom of the image is my right hand after washing it four times and pre going to work....not sure how to explain that one to the director of nursing LOL.I think some gesso stamping and sewing ala Deb Baker is next :o).


drmarty62 said...

Just wear gloves Annette.The blue ones cover a multitude of sins.

Debbi Baker said...

Wow those backgrounds are looking gorgeous (and so are those hands!!) Look forward to seeing whats next! Sewing is so much "cleaner" unless you put stamped and painted stuff through your machine (and guess what - they are hard to clean off once you realise what you have done!!)


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