Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Photos For My Sister Colleen...Tim the scary one and a fat CROC

Hey Colleen,Robyn,Mum, Caity etc
here is the recent scary things in my life *grin*.Melissa(17yrs old) decided MY streaking kit was better suited to short hair and in particular to younger brother Tim's hair(14yrs old).Here is Tim with his "Strop" like hair accessory pre latch hook rugging for streaking

and mid way thru LOL
In case you were wondering the wind did not change leaving him with his facial expression and the streaks look GOOD
NEXT is a huge salt water croc that was on the cause-way at Fogg was 4 meters in size and the size of a large fridge.I didn't take the photo so had no control of the image size sorry.The Rangers have set traps for it.A young girl just 12 years old was taken and killed by a croc near here and its less then 20 mins from us.....she was known to Tim and it was very sad.I DO NOT ever swim in the Wet season creeks here as I am afraid of them.They are ancient huge reptiles and humans are just food.Yep I am scared of spiders and crocs but no longer of learning to paint.


Joanne said...

Well done Annette you have finally got it right! Crocs are scary, snakes are scary, Darwin weather is scary - your painting is fabulous!

Lee Ann Spillane: said...

Yeah! Painting fears conquered! That's an amazing croc--and I thought the rattlesnake in the road the other day was scary...that Croc is tremendous!

Gretz said...

OMG what a huge croc, I am so glad they don't wander around Victoria!


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