Sunday, April 12, 2009

Some Spiritual Artistic Beauty Left After The Vic Feb 7 Fires

OH My...a friend from Victoria just sent me this link to a Sculptor from Marysville.He did these amazing ceramic sculptures that were scattered amongst what was the lush green Victorian bush pre Feb 7 bush fire devastation.The detail he gets is amazing!!.You can see a glimpse of his work here.On the same website they are now posting what was left after they returned from the fire.Its such a stark contrast and haunting as well seeing the broken and charred sculptures surrounded by the now black brown bush.Folks at the website Bruno has a CD you can buy with a video on it that shows what he saw on his return.It isn't expensive and the proceeds go to re building the sculptured garden.Its amazing some of them have survived so well at all.They are here. I caught myself thinking "oh my God the fear they must have felt"...I kind of momentarily forgot they were creamics not people.I suppose I was really thinking of the fear I would have felt.I do hope Bruno and others rebuild and the sculpture garden lives on.I would like to see it myself one day!!


Annette In Oz


Talking Horses Arts said...

Omg..this is beyond it not!

Mary's Museum said...


I saw Bruno's video just after the fires, he has a CD you can buy.

It wasn't expensive and the proceeds go to re building the sculptured garden.


Amazing isn't he Andrea and yes Mary I saw that on his web site too...thats why I gave the link back there...hhhmmm maybe I should add that in the post too


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