Saturday, April 11, 2009

Yummy Easter Mail Has Found Me In Humpty Doo

Happy Easter one and all.I've had some lovely lovely Easter mail find me in the last week.There was this way gorgeous layered and stitched card from the wonder of the Ozzie West Deb Baker . I have adored Deb's style for years and finally got the courage to send her a textured postcard a few months back.Deb sent me this card to say thanks.Isn't it lovely!!!

Next are my mini houses returns so far from the recent Creative Soul Retreat.I wasn't able to go but finished the mini houses swap as I had signed up to do it before I had a few problems here and had to pull out.I adore them all.They are all only 1,2 and 3inch combinations eg 1x1inch,1x3inch,2x3inch etc etc ....kind of hard working so small but the details we all got is amazing!!! From left to right houses made by Lucy Latham,Karin Hutchinson,Lucy Latham,Marie J and Lucy Latham(Lucy kindly sent me five different ones as I had about 20 less then the others).

Next from left to right made by Elizabeth Harms,Sue Thiel,Bevlea Ross and Kelsey O'Mullane.

Again from left to right houses made by Christine Trevleaven,Deb Baker,Lucy Lathem,Megan Pickwell,Jo Wholohan and Kathy Thompson

From left to right houses made by Judy Lee,Liz Aitkin,Sue Smith,?another one by Lucy Lathem and Teresa Abajo.

Left to right by Maryse Alvis,Elizabeth Mackie,Glenda Laing,Martina Hart,Meredith Morgan and Jan Adams.

Left to right by Gaye Todd,Joy Delsh(? sp there),Keron Lee,Claire Kelly and Deb Moss

Left to right by Nic Hohn,Eva Attrill,Celeste Santin and Kasha Rolley.

Left to right by me,Brenda Grace,Dawnie Thomas and Sue Gore

Left to right by Ruth Spitzer,Christine Lillie and Margaret Weiss

and the last two from left is by Julie Hetherington and Christina Mc Queen.

I'm not sure how I shall mount my "lost soul village"...any ideas folks???.There are 43 at the moment.I hope to have 53 in the end :o)


Gretz said...

Wow, Gorgeous card from Debbie baker!

Talking Horses Arts said...

They are amazing......beautiful card too.


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