Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Last Etched Metal Necklace

Yeha...it's my day off today.We are all going to dinner for Grant and Melissa's birthday tonight so I have the day to myself to play and get the last etched things done for my 3D project.Here is my last etched nickel/silver and Angelina Film and Opals Embossing Enamel necklace.Its more purple IRL but photographs bluer for some reason LOL

I left the etched nickel/silver side raw this time

I'm so loving the etching process...its like magic and gives the same effect as embossing on card but I'm using metal instead.We did a day trip last week to Bynoe Harbour(42km from Darwin and its considered a near pristine harbour system!!),Waigat Beach at Mandorah and also spent a day at Lietchfield Park .I picked up some worn wood and odd shell bits etc so I'm thinking I shall incorporate these in my etched metal 3D project....well maybe...off to etch I go
Annette In Oz


Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Annette this one is so yummie I love it. Nice to see 2 sides so different, great for a mood change.

Hugs Elizabeth

*jean* said...

hi annette - you have inspired me to try etching and soon as i can buy the etching solution, i'm going to try this!! your projects turned out beautifully!! i also think the angelina film purse you made is really stunning!!



gaby braun said...

Wow! You are making wonderful etching pieces. Is this difficult to make? What materials you use to do that? Really stunning!
About Photoshop and digital collages, you can try with the Paint shop pro (I think that's the name), it's a similar software, but I think it's not so expensive as PS.
Congrat for your work. Really amazing!


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