Sunday, February 22, 2009

National Day Of Mourning

Today is Australia's National Day of Mourning to reflect on the devastating February 7, 2009 Victorian bush fires that engulfed parts of Victoria and sent us all here in Oz into a palpable deep sorrow for all those lost (209 and counting)human and animal lives,plants left like wilted burnt matches,crumbled chared homes,burnt crashed vehicles as people tried in vain to escape and for the survivors who's hearts and souls will be forever scorched.Millions of dollars has been donated to help but with my hubby still unable to heal and return to work for over a month now, I had nothing materialistic to give.I woke at 4am today and could not sleep so got up.I've had the last ten days off work and I have thought about you all in Victoria every day.
I've blogged before about the small child who drew for pleasure and believed fairies lived in her garden.She grew to be a shy caring,creative young woman.I even showed you some of her drawings from over 20 years ago.There was something else that young woman did when she felt alone and lost.She wrote little stories and poems that went with her drawings to record how she felt and why she created what she did.Well today when I could not go back to sleep,while my jug boiled and hissed,I thought about her.I have not been creative or even wanted to be for many weeks now.I recalled a survivor calling the deadly fire "the February Dragon"...the winds on that day were over a 100km per hour in some places and carried the fire with it.I imagined seeing what that person and many many others saw,as a huge racing beast from which no one had time to escape and these words fell out.....

by Annette Husband
The February Dragon came over the mountains,across paddocks,down roads and hills
He was fast and furious and had a burning heart,stoked by the fires of Hell
The day turned to night,he opened his mouth and roared pure fire at all human,plant and beast
He engulfed them all in his hunger.Their homes,their hearts and bodies fueled his feast
Leaping with joy at the kaos he rode on the racing winds and laughed as he fed
Till the February Dragon had his fill,leaving the green brown land now black and the souls of Australia raw and red
We have all cried for the loss of life of men,women and child,for the creatures and plants that now lay scorched on the once beautiful land
From all corners of Australia we felt your pain.Our hearts interwove and we stretched out and cradled you in our hearts and hands
We will hold you all gently,we will listen,we will try to give you what you now need,we feel your pain and we stare the February Dragon in the eye
After the darkness there will be a shinning light,a strength in you all,you will rebuild homes,grow plants and a Nation will never forget the struggle,fear you felt and tears you cry
Know this February Dragon we will help them be stronger,to rebuild,to heal and your fiery Hell we will fight
February 7,2009 will not be forgotten.Australia will uplift,carry the broken,be one and unit!
Annette In Oz

There is something else that I hope to make today...I think I shall put the light on on my craft desk and make a beautiful heart...maybe a woven one to represent the united hearts of Australia.Hold your loved ones close,your heads high and be something for each other.


Artseyanne said...

Beautifully written Annette. Thank you.

Trizzy said...

Thank you for sharing this Annette, it is so beautiful and heartfelt - I shed another tear whilst reading it....

Diane said...

Thanks for so beautifully putting into words what we all are feeling today, Annette! So touching! Diane

Lucy said...

Hgs Lucy

Gretz said...

Wow that was very moving


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