Thursday, March 6, 2008

First Try Of the Instastamp Stamp Making Machine

Her are my wings and funky figure stamps stamped onto card stock...not bad hey and I am not great at drawing at all.
These are the polymer stamps I made...should have taken pic before I used them LOL..sorry about the ink on them they are totaly clear with a light blue tinge when cleaned

This is some of the kit I won.There is also 10xA6 sized Photopolymer sachets,a washout brush,Two acrylic blocks,some Instagrip,vellum sheets and a CDrom to make images into stamp looking images and some samples to print onto vellum
I've caught an awful flu and have been home the last few days off sick.I can't seem to think well and although I have time to be creative I can't seem to make anything as the bug has stollen my brain LOL.Anyway I thought I would get out my Instastamp polymer stamp making machine and try it out at last.I was totally amazed in mid December to find out I had won this stamp making machine in a competetion and it came with everything needed to make polymer stamps.Robert at Instastamp has come up with an awesome little machine indeed and after my first tries last night I am impressed and I am also very thankful to Robert for holding the competetion in the first place.
There are full instructions with it and although I did stuff up the first two sachets of polymer getting the timing right(some smaller test sachets would have been really good in the kit)the end results are really good.It makes shop quality stamps that are a good few mm thick.I needed a left and right angel wing for a project so drew them from a wax embellishment I had and used those to try the machine with.I also used a funky figure drawing of mine to fill up the A6 sized sachet.My first tries were not too good as I didn't read the instructions first like you are supposed too and I was trying to read and do it at the same time...hence I over exposed one sachet and under exposed the other.I'm normally really good with reading instructions but as I told you my brain has gone walk about at the moment.
A few things I did learn are it's easier to make up the washout solutions and post exposure solutions FIRST,get images ready and all equipment close by then do the stamp making steps.It is easy though.The stamps come out great though my drawing needs alot of work *grin*.I thought I had lost details on the top of the wings just looking at the stamps but once inked there they were just as I drew them.Robert also sells Instagrip and there was some of it in the kit.It feels like a polymer sheets and you put it on your acrylic blocks and the clear stamps made with the Instastamp grips onto it VERY easily.I like this fact I am very impressed with the whole thing LOL.The machine uses UV lights so you can make the stamps any time of the day or night(I've made stamps using photopolymer sheets and the sun before...not good when you live where it rains for 6months of the year).The last thing I learnt that wasn't in the instructions is the stamps come out on a thin plastic backing that I didn't realize at first that I could peel them off from.Once I got them off that they feel like good quality see thru shop bought clear polymer stamps...I'm in love *grin*


Zeborah said...

Wow- that is great!

I like your drawing very much. You could easily sell your artwork to stamp companies.

this looks like a very fun toy.

Annette Husband said...

Thanks my idol Zeb *grin*.When I can draw as well as in my next life time I may just consider that LOL...could imagine the dragons,fairies and imp stamps you would make Zeb

Sue McGettigan said...

What a fun toy - love your new stamps!

Night Owl Designs said...

Wow, your stamp looks amazing Annette! And I think you're a great drawer :-)

Kristy C said...

wow-thats awesome, Annette!

Rosie said...

Good for you & congrats on winning that kit. Your wings are fab and I love the image you've shown us.
Let's hope you get rid of the flu quick and can craft some more - I'm still a big fan!!
Hugs, Rosie

Annette Husband said...

yep all good fun it is LOL.The wings stamp's amazing that you can make a stamp for a project you need on the spot in around 12minutes.I'm really happy to have won this machine that is for sure

Gretz said...

Oh wow how lucky are you!


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