Friday, July 31, 2009

Nickel Silver Etched Metal Necklace

I've made another necklace.I used this nickel silver etched metal square below.I love the raw look after the etching process but as this will be the back of my necklace and the front is a bright, colourful and shimmery I decided to colour this one too

Here is the stamped Angelina Film and Opals embossing enamel side.Again the camera doesn't do it justice as it is so shimmery and parts that look green also look blue as the light shifts

This is the etched nickel silver side now coloured with alcohol inks.

Tomorrow I have six other bits to etch and they will stay uncoloured.I'm hoping to use these and the other parts done from a few days back to make a 3D item.The fact that I have no clue what 3D item will be could be interesting LOL.Sometimes I prefer to work like know just start and let the piece show me the way.It's how I draw and paint as well.I work in small areas and then move to other areas and then back again and afterward I get a shock to see what the the whole looks like.
Annette In Oz


Sarah said...

The more I see your etchings, the more I want to try it! Beautiful work!!

Chris in Coquitlam BC Canada said...

absolutely stunning!
Chris in British Columbia


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