Sunday, March 28, 2010

Trip to Melbourne-William Rickett's Sanctuary

I'm home again after a wonderful trip to Victoria.All my fears and worries soon left at the airport where Elizabeth Harms had kindly came to get me 11 days ago.Arriving just prior to midnight in such a large city that I know so little about and far from little ole Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory of Oz was mind boggling to me.So Elizabeth's kindness at getting me so late at night(we had never met before) was a welcoming relief indeed.I spent the night in a hotel and the next day Lucy Leatham had been arranged to pick me up.I had never met Lucy before either and had thought the organized bus was getting me after it had collected others from the airport arriving that day.Lucy let me know she was to get me a week before I left and the excitement built from there.Both ladies where a delight to meet and get to know.Lucy so reminded me of a fav Aunt of mine and both made me feel very welcome.

Lucy took me to the Country Place where we were staying at for the next 4 days of the Creative Soul Art Retreat.I marvelled at the huge Mountain Ash trees that towered around us and the smell of Eucalyptus in the air.The venue was gorgeous.We helped Bevlea unpack and I got to meet some of our amazing tutors like Susan Lenart Kazmer and her sister Cheri and Laurie Mika and her sister Lesley.Also met Bevlea for the first time and the mastermind for the retreat.This lady has performed a small miracle in bringing this all together and her and her helpers(Lucy and Eva and sub enables who helped with supplies and other details like Elizabeth)just had me in awe.I can't thank them all enough for doing all they did.

We all then went for a yummy lunch in a quaint pub that had amazing coffee.Here I was sitting and chatting to some of our lovely teachers,their sisters and our wonderful organizers in a beautiful spot in Victoria and I really wanted to pinch myself.From there we went to William Rickett's Sanctuary.....OMG OMG this place just blew me away.Gorgeous sculptures had been created by this fascinating artist and then placed amongst the Tree Ferns,Mountain Ashes trees etc right in the side of Mount was green,lush,a feast for my hands and eyes and also like a treasure hunt finding the hidden sculptures as well as the visible ones....just amazing.I certainly didn't want to leave and wished Grant was with me.Maybe we will get to do it ourselves later in the year.William Rickett's was inspired by the Aboriginals and their faces peep out all over the place. Below is a painting of William Rickett's.

Here are just a sample of the 92 ceramic sculptures you can see there...

I loved the Lyre Birds on this one....

On many you see hands arising up from the base like this ones.

This one below was intriguing as he has placed ? his head on an incised Aboriginal males body.

Loved the wings on this one and the how the ceramic has a wood grain look.

This looks like him again but the hair looks like a ladies .

Next is Susan and Laurie at a carved entrance way to a shrine inside.

The Dingo here is almost now reclaimed by the bush with his moss covered coat.

What a wonderful way to start the retreat but in no time we were back at the Country Place,unpacking and getting ready for the days of creativity to come.The company of the organizers,tutors,fellow creator's/students,scrumptious food all a heady mix.I caught up with old friends and made some new ones.I'll share what we did and the days as they passed over the next few days with you all.I can't believe its all over now and I am back home already and back at work.....WAH.
Annette In Oz

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