Friday, August 13, 2010

Collections houses

These are the houses Annette built LOL.Last year I had a purple faze but it was all because I needed to make an Aubergine house for a group submission to Somerset Studio for the Artyoz group.I got the first house colour wrong by thinking of Aubergine as a Regal colour rather then an eggplant colour so I ended up with two houses.

We used Collections chipboard houses and I used Opals embossing enamels on material as my roof and walls.
All the doors and windows open with hinges to reveal images the window to past hopes and dreams and the window to by gone innocence
and the kiss behind the door

and dance like nobody can see.

The house was accepted and did appear in SS but not sure when that was LOL.Some new mail also came this week in the form of my Leonardo collaborative paper bag book swap return pages.I'll try to get the book made and scan the photos soon between family dramas!!!.My gorgeous 20 yr old Carlia had her NEW Barina rear ended by a 4wheel drive today...poor kid...she is Ok, a bit sore but her car is a right off.
Annette In Oz


Jen Crossley said...

These are truley Stunning Annette you are such a talented artist

Lady Di said...

Your houses are stunning and I finally saw the house you made for Mary in the flesh a few months ago ... what a small world it is. Hope you're well gorgeous Annette.


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