Monday, November 14, 2011

Steampunk card-Party Animal

It had been struggling to get free for months and months...taunting me knowing people had been in my art room since May and it would not be mine again till niggled at me as I passed my art room and shot me come hither looks and whined...."come and play with your inks and metal"..."come in and sit at your desk" crept into my mind as I fell asleep at night and was still there first thing in the morning....niggling, nagging and begging....and today....the 49th year to this day I have been on this precious Earth I gave in to my creative muse. So while my daughter and her boyfriend were at work I piled their belongs on one side of the room...and the Party Animal card was set free LOL.
The man in the image just looked so serious I thought underneath he must be a party animal. The watch dial at the upper left does move and can be placed right over his eye.

 The next few show the card textures closer. Just had to get a little light bulb in there at the bottom right.

 I think the muse just busted loose and could not be contained any longer due to the wonderful presents I got from Grant today for my birthday. I'm now the much anticipated owner of a Pepe circle punch set at last.

I also received a wonderful dapping block set...I have ideas already for some etched circular projects.

 I also got some Gilders Paste ! Wahoo. Grant also gave me some perfume. What a sweetheart he is.

The kids gave me some chocolates(so they can eat them LOL) and a gorgeous jade and silver necklace. So along with my creative burst, a yummy grilled Barramundi meal at the local tavern for dinner and my most excellent presents I have had a lovely birthday indeed. I hope the person who is receiving Party Animal loves it too.
Annette In Oz


Lucy said...

So pleased you are creating again! WOO HOO!
Adore your creation, just gorgeous!
What a lucky girl to receive such fantastic Birthday presents!
Onwards & upwards from here!
Hugs Lucy


thanks Lucy
oh yes I was so excited to see the jewellery making you can tell LOL...can't wait to use it

Queen Of Toys said...

What a fantastic party animal he is awesome.

It sounds like your day was as special as you are. Happy belated birthday.

Hugs Eliza

Xanapan said...

Hi Annette
Happy Belated Birthday!! Looks like it was fun. Doing an etched metal workshop tomorrow - exciting! Thinking of your beautiful creative house you made some time back.
will let you know how it goes


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