Monday, December 12, 2011

What A Day!!!

Firstly thanks for anyone who voted for Missy...she won the monthly finals and now goes into the semi step away from winning amazing and she does look gorgeous in that photo. Carlia and Cory have made it safely to Adeliade and are happy. I miss all our visitors this year and hugely miss my daughters *sigh*. Carlia may have a new job there soon too so that is excellent!!
Well then the universe balances the good with evil hey? Cause a tree just killed my car!!! One hell of a reason to have to call in as not being able to make it to work this arvo.

Still I am thankful no one got hurt and it brushed past the verandah but didn't destroy it. It was termite damaged and may have fallen on the house not the car in the next big storm....RIP "sardine" my name for the Ford. There are certain disadvantages to having a hubby who is a greeny and he said "the saplings (from1993) will never get big enough to cause damage to the house or cars". Eat your words honey.
Annette In Oz


Kath in Oz said...

Oh Annette I am so sorry about the Sardine...more like a pancake now...lucky it came down now I guess since it is storm season. Glad nobody was hurt. Take care.

Celeste said...

What a bummer Annette. Poor Sardine but it could very well have been much worse. Nice time to get hubby to replace Sardine with Oyster perhaps!

Lucy said...

Hi Annette, So pleased for your daughter, of course I voted, hope she knows how beautiful she is!
Sorry about the car, but, at least no one was injured!
Hugs Lucy

Jen Crossley said...

So sorry about your car Annette.I knew Missy would go further she is gorgeous like her mum.

Xanapan said...

Oh wow Annette, sorry about your car, but glad nobody was hurt and that your house is okay. SO - now you have your space back...playtime!!

Chris Arlington said...

What a shocker that must have been ! Glad nobody was injured. Want to wish you good health and fortune in 2012

Samantha Marshall said...

Oh my goodness!!!


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