Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Journals from Joy Bathie's Class

Well there are some huge changes about to happen here in the little Husband family. We have lived here for 19yrs and in that time Grants job has changed from a pure reptile keeping one to a reptile and small mammal keeper. He has had some struggles with co workers too over the last few years and so I encouraged him to seek a job else where. SSSsooo Grant applied for a got a job as a reptile keeper in Adeliade zoo. He will start around the 10th of June. Tim(16) and I will pack up and leave a month after Grant during the mid term school break. There is alot to organize and my head has been swiming with how to get it all done. We will live with oldest daughter Carlia at first in Adelaide while we find a place of our own. I doubt I shall get much creating done in the mean time. I do hope to finish some etched metal projects I have on my desk before I pack the art room up tho. In just over a week I shall be doing classes with Finnabair as well and I am sssooo looking forward to that. I think not long after that I shall have to box up all me stash for the move.
Some of my friends that did Joy Bathie's mixed media journal class have sent me some pictures of their journals to share. I'm still kicking myself that we did not get a group photo of them all as everyone's was so beautiful and unique. In no particular is Sharon Fozard and her journal

 Jinny Bell's journal

 and this is Joan Trigg's journal

This is Jinny at left and Joan on right during Joy Bathie's class

This journal was mine :o)

 I had trouble taking photo of the back due to my naturally shaky hands gggrrr

Here is a photo from left to right showing Joy Bathie, Teresa crouch, me and Jinny Bell

 and another with Me, Joy and Trizzy

All the journals ended up turning out so textured and different and we all loved what we made so that was awesome. These ladies do not have blogs but they do have facebook accounts for you to stalk them at LOL.
It really was a great class by a great teacher and artist.
Annette In to stress more about the BIG MOVE!!!


Lauren said...

Good luck with the big move. I know what it's like to pack up and move states but it ended up being a great decision for my husband and I so I hope it will have the same result for you and your family.

Chris Arlington said...

Wow |! what I big change ! I don't envy you it took me what seemed forever to re organize my craft room and de clutter. I feel much more creative now. I was like a kid in a candy shop with rediscovered finds.
Love the journals FABULOUS textures and colours.
Wishing you much happiness, Chris

Anonymous said...

Beautiful journals! I stumbled upon a link to your blog while searching for sealant info. Glad I did!

stregata said...

Wow - that is big news. Wishing for you to be able to get everything organized with the least amount of stress possible - we both know there will always be some stress involved in a big move.

suziqu's thread works said...

Annette these journals are all gorgeous!
I love the colour tonings in yours particularly and the textures.
What materials did you use to create the effects?
Big plans ahead for you and the whole family!!!
x Suzy

Anonymous said...

Good luck to you all with the move! Exciting and a little sad, always. I moved 4 years ago after 22 years in the same place - sadness at leaving friends but now great happiness with new friends, places and a vastly improved life ;-) I love the journals too!

Jen Crossley said...

Stunning journals I love them all.Good luck on your big move just think you will be closer to me sort of LOL.Lots of supplies for your art down here and family.

Fozzy said...

Finally, I am famous! I have made it onto your fab blog, life doesn't get any better than that Annette!! LOL

Those journals were so much fun and they all turned out GREAT!!!

You will be in heaven now that you're moving somewhere with more junk shops...think of the possibilities. Can't wait to see what comes out of your new studio when you get it set up!


Celeste said...

Great news about the job. Good luck with your big move.

suziqu's thread works said...

I really did think I had left you a comment several days ago but came back tonight and found it not there!!!!
Love your journals - beautiful especially the golden tone one!
Congrats on having your jewellery acknowledged by
Well done!
Wishing you lots of luck with your move too!


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