Saturday, October 20, 2012

Gorgeous Glass

I've been still madly getting things done pre operation on Monday and I am fast running out of time. I haven't had a chance to post about my glorious glass necklace and ear ring making day( I was supposed to be cleaning up the art desk and got hopelessly side tracked making stuff). As I said most of the lamp worked glass beads and all the dichro items were made by my talented friend from Tasmania  Gail Hart . Gail has patiently taught the basics of lamp work bead making and I am still trying every few days to replicate what she has taught me. They are getting rounder but are still mainly crap LOL. I'm sort of ok at spacer beads so even though I have used mainly Gail's glass work allot of the spacers are made by me. I having allot of trouble with finding a good height for the torch so my stupid left shoulder wont complain. Hopefully after operation on Monday that problem will be solved too.
Allot of the beads and some of the dichro items I have from Gail and used in my making fest are not her "gallery" quality BUT I still love them all and had fun playing with cringing Gail Ok ?  Sorry some images are a little blurry too I have a natural shake in my hands which gets worse when I concentrate.

This gorgeous hollow red and white lentil bead is huge(approx 4cm in diameter) yet lite as its hollow.

Another large lentil in blue,white and black colours. The blue parts are far deeper in colour IRL.

When I was trying to clean up and put stuff away I came across two large tear drop shaped stones. I think I'll give one of these each to my girls. The beads at the top have lovely soft purple and greens in them.

The green one I had a whoops moment with as I should have put the brighter green spacers closest to the green stone but I had already crimped the closer and can't get it off. ALSO I don't like the brass toned jump ring so shall change that to dark silver or gun metal grey when I can get to Spotlight to get some next. I've ordered some more vynil covered necklaces so when they come I'll fix it and attach it to a new necklace.

This huge 4cm long hollow heart is really more red brown IRL...I am so in need of a new camera.

I LAURVE the coral colour on the lime green of this solid heart

HHHmmm the spacers are too large for this little heart. I'm thinking it will get fixed too and maybe turned into a dangle for a charm bracelet instead.

Gail makes the most amusing fish beads. They of course all turn out differently and have some funny "expressions"

And cute cup cakes. You can't see it in the photo well but there are clear pink "sprinkles" on the top.

Some of Gail' dichro rejects. Photos NEVER do shimmer justice but these shimmer like all heck depending on how the light hits them. See that centre on how it looks isn't it has the most gorgeous blue/purple shimmer when light falls on it...see the image below this one where I picked it up.

These large approx 4cm square dichros are some of my favourite made by Gail.

I still have loads of spacers so made a few ear rings as well.

So there you go...not gallery quality at all but Annette quality is fine by me *grin*. I'm off to bury myself in the trying to tidy my art room more...wish me luck with not getting further distracted LOL.

OH before I forget...I am not very good with promoting myself but when I upload stuff here I also load an image in which ever page tab it goes in (at top of my blog) they belong too and YES I do sell stuff so if you are interested just ask me the price. In the jewellery tab I also will say underneath in red if the item is sold :o)

Annette In Oz

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