Monday, November 12, 2012

3D Etched Metal House Necklace

Its three weeks since I had the second operation on my shoulder and all going well. Of course there is still some post operative pain but the awful pain I was getting with stretching out to get anything has now gone...range of movement is improving slowly too so all in all not too bad. My gorgeous daughter Melissa was home last week for a visit and left Friday...I miss her already. I was cleaning up my desk yesterday after her visit and a WIP just called to be completed
See I had a nearly completed 3D tiny etched metal house on my desk for months and on it were some vintage children got me wondering If they did live in that tiny house what would they play with and what treasure may be found that they have left behind?. I gathered a few things that reminded me of things kids played with or that where needed in that tiny house and attached them on the bottom. I then got stuck getting the roof to stay on....finally with some hints by Jen Crossley (holding my tongue to the right really helped Jen LOL) I got the roof on eventually and the little house that Annette built was made :o). House is 4cm tall, 3cm wide and sides are 1.5cm wide.

 On the back side under the door is a tin type photo of a boy and the keys to the house

 and under the other door is a tin type photo of a girl and a brass bird. He has a broken beak which I actually liked for some odd reason

On both sides there is tiny ice resined ,vintage children in tiny bezels.

 A closer look at the dangles. The frozen Charlotte doll is so small at 2,5cm long...I was worried I would break her if I tried to drill a hole in her so I "glued" her head into a bead cap with Ice Resin...she looks like a gumnut baby!!

I think I'll darken the wire that I used on the dangles with some black patina for solder but other then that I think its all done and ready to be worn.
Annette In Oz


Lucy said...

Absolutely FABULOUS Annette!
Also very pleased that you are doing well after your op!
Hugs Lucy

Laura said...

I am glad your shoulder is healing- I recently started following your blog, so I wasn't aware of the extent of the pain you were in. Your HOUSE! -how gorgeous! I love houses - and with all the elements, its is a perfect little 3d collage. I am wondering-what is the metal? I etch copper, but that doesn't look like copper... Beautiful- thanks for sharing!

Celeste said...

Wonderful news on your shoulder finally. Happy Birthday for today.
I love your metal house. it can fly south for the summer if you like???

suziqu's thread works said...

Annette this little metal house is simply gorgeous. What a beautiful job!
Love the dangles and the tiny frozen charlotte.
How are you going to black patina the dangles? I have tried to buy some for my heart strings I made but couldn't seem to get it anywhere down here!
I do hope your shoulder is continuing to heal well.
Sending hugs,

Gaby Bee said...

Your metal house necklace is absolutely stunning Annette!!!
I wish I could it see in person.

I'm going to take a little break! I want to have a *no-pressure* season and spend time with my family!
Sending warm wishes to you and your loved ones for a wonderful Christmas and much health and happiness for 2013.



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