Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Side Step Card How Too / Tipnique Tuesday

OOOHHH now here is another technique from my tips and technique book I had never tried myself till today. Its a side step card. There are many templates for these on the net. You can make them big or small and adjust the "steps" in height and width to meet your needs or even fold from the back so step is on other side or add another section to the right so the step is in middle. This is "my secret garden" side step card. My camera wants to focus on the front so the back is a bit blurry.

A bit better as I am holding all the steps closed which brings the rear forward.

                                     WHAT YOU NEED

  • 300gms card stock measuring 21cm by 15cm
  • Ruler, rubber, pencil, craft knife, craft mat and a bone folder

                                   HOW TOO
1) Place card in portrait position (longest 21cm edges at sides). Measure and mark a dot with a pencil at the half way mark on all sides. I'll use a black marker so you can see what I am doing. You should have a dot at the 10.5cm mark on the long sides and 7.5cm on the top and bottom. Lightly draw a pencil line across from each point.

2) On right hand side and on middle line measure up from bottom and mark pencil dots progressively upward at 3cm, 1.5cm, 3cm, 3cm and 4.5cm. Which will leave a 6cm area at top right. You can change these measurements but keep in mind the measurements have to equal 10.5cms at the half way point

3) On the image below I have marked which lines will be Mountain folds (M) and which are Valley folds (V). The wiggly area is where you cut with the craft knife.

Score and lines marked as M or V with ruler and bone folder

 Use craft knife and ruler to cut between the first marked line and the last marked line along the centre line.

4) Now fold the card using the bone folder to make the mountain and valley folds so you end up with a three step structure at left. Fold flat and rub out all lines and then decorate as desired.

and from the side...

If you are of the big is better inclination you can make this 21cm by 29cm. Half way pint on the long sides would be 14.5cm and 10.5cm on the short sides. Measurements on middle line and at far right from bottom edge up would be 4.5cm, 2cm, 4cm, 4cm, and then 6cm. This would leave a 8.5cm space at top right. Cut and fold in same manner.
Off to look for Fairy's in my secret garden LOL
Annette In Oz


Glenda said...

Good technique Annette. I will try it out some time.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous card Annette - I really love the adorable fairy sitting on the stepped side! You make this look easy enough that I may just give this a go!

Winnie said...

Wow, love your secret garden card! That is such a cool shape. Thank you for sharing how it was done as I have seen step cards, but never knew the process! Your decorations on your card are great. That lady perched along the top made me smile. Such cool.


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