Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faux Wax Seal and how to make your own - Tipnique Tuesday

Wow life has been so busy here for me in the top end of Oz. Hubby and I have had 18 days today and tomorrow he has left again for 18 days back to work as a fauna handler on the gas pipeline in QLD...I'll miss him heaps till he is home again *sigh*. My 23 yr old daughter and her fiance Cory are staying here too till the week end and are occupying my art room. Believe me when I say I can't even see my art desk let alone use it LOL. So this week I shall have to share another how too for you all. I have always loved the look of wax seals but the price for real ones made them unattainable for me...so I make my own and here is how:

  • Small stamps to imprint on your faux wax seals
  • Versamark watermark ink OR baby oil
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks. I like using the black glue sticks
  • Non stick surface like Gladbake or other non stick baking parchment. A glass plate may be used if you have no baking parchment.
  • Mica powders such as Polished Pigments, Pearl-ex etc but you can even use shimmery eye shadow powder if you want!

1) Ink your stamp up so it's very wet looking on the underside using Versamark ink or baby oil. Be generous so your stamp wont stick in the glue.

2) Squeeze a small amount of melted glue onto your Gladbake or glass. The size of the glue depends on the size of your stamp so you shall have to experiment to work that out. As soon as you lay down the glue, gently press your stamp inked side down onto the soft glue surface. Be careful to not burn yourself as the hot glue will squeeze out at the side of the stamp.

3) Leave the stamp in place till the glue cools and sets then gently peel up the stamp. Your impression will now be on the glue.

4) Brush mica powder of your choice directly onto your glue seal and the stamped image will pop. Use a second colour to highlight the raised areas. Pop the glue seal off the base and spray with a little acrylic sealer and the seal is now ready to use.

Faux wax seals are more durable then the real ones. You can attach them to cards, collages, scrap book pages (spell out a title or name using alphabet faux wax seals) and mixed media works with just a little more hot glue underneath them. Have fun and give them a go
Annette In Oz

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ike said...

BRILLIANT :-) Thanks for the awesome tipnique :-)

IKE xxxxxxxxxxx


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