Monday, March 3, 2014

Steam Punk Puffy Hearts-WIP.The Creating Has Begun!

I've finally unpacked the last box of my stash and have it all stored away. Some storage I shall need to change at a later date. I've had to use allot of cheap flat pack stuff that really will collapse at some stage but we don't own a ute (YET) to buy furniture to bring home and allot of places wont deliver up here in Julatten. My messy unpacking and boxes everywhere has gone at last. Here is all my storage for paper crafts...from polymer clay to stencils and card stock etc plus some art on top to keep me inspired. I'm going to change the two rows at right to the same containers at left eventually.

This is the storage cubes that are inside the built in...again just cheap storage but at least its all put away. The other side has shelves for my stamps, sewing stuff and blank canvas

Sprays, glues, paints, pencils and pens are here

Books, my large how too folder, Opals embossing enamels, embossing powders etc

My desk with some items that need repair after they got broken in the move and more art work behind on the window shelf

I really need to get that Kaiser lazy Susan thingy covered and fully made

Art to go on the wall when hubby is home again

BUT here in the garage is where I am most excited about at the moment...all set up except I need to move the large kiln to another bench as it takes up too much room...its too heavy for me to move though. I sat in here all afternoon yesterday and late into the night and boy was I happy as LOL.

By 10pm I had two puffy hearts on the go...this is them just after coming out of the pickle and me trying various things on them

I've started putting the etched copper puffy heart together first...I can't decide if I like the light bulb or the cogs/arrow dangle yet for the bottom. I'm not going to put a cog over the tin type photo as it covers up the "On and Off" and I like that bit.

Today I have done the house work and I shall spend the rest of the afternoon soldering it all at the back, soldering on a base and attaching the wings. Creating again is awesome!! It's peaceful, inspiring and beautiful here in the mountains and now I have art to do as well...very content indeed :o)
Annette In Oz


CreativSpirit said...

Great to see you getting organised and creative Annette, it must feel wonderful to have everything where you can find it easily again.

ike said...

Ooooo eeee - how I would so love to come browse through all your goodies and to sit watch you create with those awesome looking things in the garage :-D !! So glad you are getting sorted and are a happy bunny :-D

IKE xxxxxxxxxx

Robyn Oliver said...

Hi Annette, great to see you're all set up at the new place and crafting again. Had to google Julatten, but now I can guess it's a beautiful place. Just posted to WOYWW and saw you on Neets blog follow list. Anyway take care and have fun Robyn

Neet said...

Forgot to say on my comments on the last post - kitchen cupboards look very much like mine, in fact I would say they are the same.
Love your puffy hearts - absolutely fantastic work and now you have a dedicated place - watch out - Annette is back!
Hugs, Neet xx


Thanks Ike, Robyn, Neet and Creative Spirit. Oh I must rejoin in the WOYWW group again soon. Lovely to hear from you all and yep Im loving being back!!


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