Monday, April 25, 2016

Brother Scan N Cut-Large Cog Frame

My lovely family bought me a Brother Scan N Cut machine for Christmas. I have always wanted a personal cutter but just couldn't afford most of the ones available by the time I bought the accessories and paid for shipping etc. Around Christmas though the local Spotlight here had a Scan N Cut bundle on sale plus I had a $100 voucher for a previous purchase to go toward it. I've taken this long to get my head around how to use it!! I read the instruction book and found some very useful tutorials here which got me thinking of all sorts of projects to do.

For those of you that don't know these machines can have images scanned into them and then it can cut the images out. There are also pre installed patterns, graphics, borders and alphabets in the machine to use as well. Any image can be scanned in from your own hand drawn items, photos, stamped images and even scanned in templates etc There is a free on line site to use called Canvas which gives you a place to create projects using JPG, GIF, PNG, BMP or SVG's (scalable vector graphics) images that are then turned into FCM format that the cutter can read and use. The Canvas program has some awesome tools to relocate objects, weld them together, duplicate, resize etc etc so there are endless options to what you can create.

So today I had a play....being a Steam Punk nutter I found some cog images and then created a frame in Canvas added then cogs around the frame in various sizes. Lastly I used the weld tool to make it a single melded item. Then I simply downloaded the finished frame to my computer, sent it to my thumb drive, plugged the drive in the side of my Scan N Cut, located the frame on the drive and used the Scan N Cut to cut the frame is the cut cog frame...

I can also cut out the cogs individually in various sizes and build a 3D look of cogs over the cut out frame ones. I've even made some templates to cut out of Mylar which is cool too. Still learning how to use the software and its applications but for a first project fully made by me I was impressed!! You can even attach drawing materials and draw images from the built in graphics or scanned in images too plus there is a stamp pack accessory kit to cut your own stamps...hhhmmm I think I' ll be playing with this little machine a bit more :)
Annette In Oz xxx

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Unknown said...

Hello Miss Annette, just reading over your Blog post. Wow that playing with the Scan & Cut has paid off, the cogs look amazing. So loved my Klic n Kut (need to start using it again). Well done with the cogs.


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