Saturday, February 11, 2017

Thank you Kilos

Hello World

In my silence from my blog I have been on a few journey's and discoveries....

* We have decided we are tired of struggling financially here in Far North Queensland. The ability to get full time work permanently here is just so hard. I guess being a seasonal tourist area we should have researched that aspect! Oh well we live and learn. As such we are going to rent out our house here and will be moving back to the Northern Territory in late April/ early May. Initially we shall stay with my daughter Carlia whom is pregnant with our second grand child!! Our first grand child Ivy is three now and we want to be apart of their lives very much.

* I have REALLY REALLY missed being creative....kind of sad I'm going to have to pack it all up and probably not be able to do any for a few months....but it will not remain absent from my life

* Some family and "friends" are so freaking toxic and not good people...just get rid of them suckers from your life/Facebook etc...believe me you will be happier and relieved. In fact take a break from social media regularly...its quieter and much more peaceful!

* Finally if you are struggling with a goal YOU can achieve it even if you have to try try again. I have struggled with slowly increasing weight over the years...too many fast carbs and bad life style I chose to turn that around. As such I wish to leave this declaration here :)

"I'm almost back to my wedding weight of 28 years ago...
just wanted to thank the lost kilos for sticking around and advise them
their services are no longer required. I wish them well on their travels,
terminate their rental of my body and will no longer be supplying them
with accommodation, food, warmth and a clothing allowance."

Kind regards

body corporate owner Annette Husband :)

PS: I have discovered I really hate Tofu and Kale LOL


ike said...

Oh WoW Annette - quite a few life changing events coming your way then. I wish you every success and luck with your proposed move and joy at the birth of your coming grandchild. I love your ode to those shed Kilos - very well done to you. Even though we don't know each other in the virtual world, I am very proud of you :-D
IKE xxxx


Aw thanks Ike. Yes even though you are far away I feel like I know you and if we were closer I am sure we would be friends :)

Neet said...

Love your declaration! Fantastic, wish I could think something like that up - profound and funny all rolled into one. Good luck with the new venture.
Hugs, Neet xx


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