Thursday, March 21, 2019

How To Train Your Dragon painted rocks Light Fury and Night Fury plus friends

 My gorgeous grand kids Ivy and Chase are totally in love with the dragons from How To Train Your Dragon. They both love Night Fury (Toothless) and his girlfriend Light Fury. As a result I have managed to watch most of the series and some of the movies with them. I figured they loved them so much other people would too so I made 4 glow in the dark HTTYD painted rocks, a hatching glow in the dark dinosaur rock and 2 eye rocks!. I have mixed some of the acrylic paints with glow in the dark paint so they cam "bio luminescence" briefly at night when the light is turned off.

These were all placed in public parks for people to find. Painted Rocks NT (the group I am a member of)  has its own Facebook page and I posted on there which parks the painted rocks had been dropped in. It's always a bit of a struggle for me to release my art not knowing if they will ever be found or appreciated but still I enjoy the thought they will be found and hopefully treasured. The ones directly below were the first park drop. All were def found but the hatching dinosaur and Toothless finds were never posted to the rock group.


This dragon below protecting a Little Girl From Another World was one of my favourites. Her World can be and is any colour and she has fallen asleep after putting glow stars out for the night. The dragon will watch over her till she wakes in the morning 

The second drop was a few weeks later and thankfully all were found and posted as such to the rock group

On the back of the Toothless rocks I used an iridescent film. When you apply heat to it it will fuse onto itself and the colour I used gave the rocks a shimmery Opal like look

 We are moving back to far north Queensland in June so I may not get too much art done but I shall post if I do!


Annette In Oz


crazy4atc said...

OMG!!!!! These are awesome,just fantastic!!!

FraniQ said...

Your rocks are great! I can't wait make some similar ones. Thank you for sharing. It is so good to see a post from you again!!!


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