Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radiant Rain and Opals

WOOPS...I accidentally deleted this post so here it is again LOL.Here I have mixed some Radiant Rains with Franklin clear Opals embossing enamels.I'm hoping to use the custom made mixes to stamp some images on to go in the ATC book I am making.I tried a bit last night and the Radiant Rain and Opals don't seem to want to mix too well.I'll have a further try today before work but if all is lost I have my usual gorgeous Opals colours that I can use.Now I have had to uploaded this again I'm thinking I'll get some more shots of my Radiant Rain sprayed thin Vilene Opal paper house pages and do that as a separate post.I'll make some thick vilene Opals paper so you can compare them as well.I did spray some Radiant Rain straight onto heavy weight vilene and the shimmer sort of disappeared...wonder how they take to being stamped and then add the ironed on Opals...aaaahhh brain is going into crafty ideas over drive LOL.Pity allot of these thoughts come off bad when I actually try but it is all fun and good in the end :o)

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Jo Wholohan said...

Hello Annette!!!
I just discovered your blog, so good to catch up with you again :))

Got back from Art Retreat yesterday so very buggered and putting off the sorting of my MESS heheheee


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