Thursday, May 15, 2008

Radiant Rain Pages

My Radiant Rain sprayed vilene and tissue pages are dry now.Below are the stamped pages.I have stamped using Lumiere's,fabric paints and acrylics using Asian images from After Midnight art stamps.The sheets are A4 size so I had to stand back a bit to fit the four pages in.

Then I folded each A4 sized page into passport folds or ATC holders.There are two ATC holders on each side of the single folded page to give you four pockets.I got up really close to the pockets so you could see the detail when I photographed them.The images below show one side only.There are two pockets behind each image as well

Now to fill the pockets...I'm thinking of doing fabric ATC's and also using the Opals and Radiant Rain mixes I made to stamp Asian images with.Then I want to tie all the pages(16 pockets) together to make an ATC booklet.Well that is the plan but we will see how it all works out LOL


denise's little birdie studio said...

these are just beautiful.I love the look.

Musing said...

These are gorgeous, Annette. I just love the colours.

Marg B

Night Owl Designs said...

Amazing Annette, can't wait to see what you make with them!


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