Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Opals Paper Question...or why did I use the fabric mid way thru the video LOL

Sorry to confuse some folks but I changed to using the PRE attached to thin Vilene fabric piece(it is not paper behind it)part way thru merely to show the use of a fabric piece for the process of applying the Opals and melting them using the iron but it is the same process(melting the Opals using the iron) whether I had used the Vilene attached to the white tissue piece I made first in the video or not.SSoo it does not matter if you use the heavyweight Vilene attached to white tissue or fabric OR the thin Vilene attached to white tissue or fabric.The heavyweight ones will make pages that are more sturdy,wont run thru my Cuttlebug and are not as see thru and the thinner ones are much more transparent,easy to run thru a Cuttlebug and much thinner .Here I can ONLY get the heavyweight Vilene that is non bondable so I use the fusible webbing to attach the white tissue or fabric.If you can get heavy weight Vilene that is bondable on one or both sides WAHOO to you and of course then you wont need the fusible webbing part

The light weight thin Vilene here I can get it bondable on one side so it has a thin heat sensitive adhesive side already on it so you just place the tissue or fabric on top of the shinny side of thin Vilene and iron between the baking parchment to melt the adhesive and adhere the fabric or tissue to it.Hope it all makes more sense now for those who wondered why I changed to fabric piece mid video.The choice of using white tissue or fabric(or anything else you may want to try) is yours.Neet has let me know that in the UK they have Vilene like we do here in Oz and that Vliesofix is sold as Bondaweb over there :o).I prefer to get my heavyweight craft Vilene from Dale at The Thread Studio .It is better to use for this then the one I have been able to get a Spotlight here so far.Just in case the link does not take you straight there it is in the catalogue under fab bits and then miscellaneous tab

OH and yes you can just use plain heavy weight Vilene without tissue or fabric attached but it is quite porous and you use a lot more Opals to get coverage this way then you do with attaching tissue or fabric on it.Mind you some of my fav Opals paper pieces were plain heavyweight vilene that I sprayed with Radiant Rain sprays and then just ironed in Franklin(clear) Opals on top of

Annette in Oz

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