Sunday, September 7, 2008

Amazing Blog I Found and Uploading videos Is a Pain!!

Hi All
I was blurfing(blog surfing)and found this gorgeous artist's blog from Brazil site her work.Paulo if you check in here do you know this lady???I have been busy making 31 A6 sized pages for a book swap so in the mean time I have been quiet on the net and have been trying to upload a how to video for the way I make Opals embossing enamel pages for over a keeps saying the upload is complete(after a day and a half of it loading sheesh)but when I view it there is only a half or three quarters of it I delete it(wish I could do that to rude obnoxious people LOL...would make being a nurse easier....oh oh or my hormonal teenage daughter from hell !).Today I retryed again but I changed the upload name for it and it has almost loaded now YEHA!!!!...will see if I get the whole thing up there and then post the link here for you all :o)


Sandie R said...

Annette I have to agree with you about the art on Gaby's blog. It is gorgeous stuff. However you have some wonderful stuff on your blog as well. Very inspiring that's why I've left you something on my blog Since I've never done this before you can e-mail me questions

Paulo said...

Hi there Annette,
only today I've free time to check it on here.
I have to agree with you ...Gabi's artwork are great but yours are also. Unfortunately never had heard about her...or her artwork. I've tried to find more information on her profile but it seemed very short. After I've checked more her topics I supposed she lives in Sao Paulo the biggest city here in Brazil, cause she mentions about a workshop on stamping on fabrics...and the adddress is in Sao Paulo.
Anyway if I can be of some help...pls don't exitate asking me, OK?
best wishes,

Paulo said...

Do you have already seen this brazilian graphic designer website?

as Gaby mentions him and his artwork on one of her posts I'd like to know if you have seen it before.
Eduardo Recife lives at the same city here as me, but I don't know him personally. As I've read on his website he had NO FORMAL Art Education.
Pls if you like his artwork, don't forget to download his gorgeous free FONTS.


Thanks Sandie and Paul
she has great free images and I love her digital work...heck I love all her work LOL.Thanks for the links too Paulo


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