Sunday, August 31, 2008

Piccaninny Creek lookout walk video

AAAggghhh...this doesn't seem to want to work in the post below so I shall leave it here all on it's own.It is just a little video as I turned around along the Piccaninny Creek lookout walk.One thing though as per my previous "how too" do Opals embossing enamel and inkjet water transfers videos and posts here,I hate hearing myself talk and I did turn the sound down when I uploaded this one.Anyway after loading this I was checking something and I say the Purnululu National Park is just East of The Kimberley's when in fact it IS in the East Kimberley area.


Debbi Baker said...

Hi Annette - fabulous trip and I just love all that you have shared. I've just passed on a blogging award to you - no obligation "to play" but details are on my blog!

gaby said...

Hi Annette
This is a beautiful country, where you live. Love all the pics.
And I love the stamp maker! I'll try to find it, maybe in United States.
Thanks for visiting my blog.


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