Thursday, August 28, 2008

Opals Encrusted Jewellery stand

"Opals embossing enamels how I love thee let me count the ways" LOL.I made a large jewellery stand using Opals embossing enamels,Fantasy Film,Aftermidnight Art Glass and stamps,Krafty Lady moulds and so on and so on.It started as plain chipboard frame that was around the length of a ruler so quite large.I made one side bluish brown and the other whitish blue.This side below has central torso made using Opals,Fantasy Film,more Opals and then stamping with a large floral Aftermidnight art stamp.Aftermidnight art glass used for the three "buttons" covered in Opals and Fantasy Film and then stamped on.Krafty Lady small face mould caste with Sculpey and then painted with Pental Metallic brush pens.Torso face is a large plastic face mould I found at Spotlight caste with Sculpey and painted with Pental metallic brush markers.Mask is an Aftermidnight Art stamp stamped on fun foam and then painted.Beads hand sewn on.Hair was made by dribbling molten Opals around the made face which was placed face down in a tray of iced water.Arms where made with some ???shower clips I found in Bunnings.I placed images in the circles and then added keys made from Krafty Lady key mould caste with Sculpey attached with jump rings.Bottom of the stand is Opals built up with three layers and then stamped into with an Aftermidnight art stamps butterflies stamp.

On the reverse is the whitish side.Made in a similar way with different colours of Opals embossing enamels,Fantasy Film,Pental paints and Krafty Lady art moulds

Closer look at the whitish blue side

and the brownish blue side


Night Owl Designs said...

Fabulous as always Annette! An amazing piece :-)

christina d said...

Wow!! All I can say is you are a very talented artist!!

Jen Crossley said...

This is an amazing piece Annette you work is always stunning

Cory said...

Soooo...cute. Very nice piece.
Thanks for visiting my site, I see your name on the meter often...I appriciate your visits.



Thanks everyone...hey to you too Cory...yes I do pop in to your blog a bit...I adore your work.The jewellery stand is at Linda's if you get to her place at anytime


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