Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Nephew Is a Star LOL

Check out this video: Something With Numbers - Stay With Me Bright Eyes

My nephew Chris Ross is the ginger bearded lead(who looses his love to the lead singer)in this corny music video clip he did for his friends who are in the band Something With Numbers.It was released on My Space when we were away in QLD recently and it was so funny to us to see him there with the big grin and blushed face cheeks.We all sat around Mum's computer laughing and pausing it in spots.Really though I quite like the song itself and hope the guys do well with it.Chris and his brothers are great fun to be around.I'm not sure if this video code will work here so just in case here is the direct link to My space too.
Just sorting the Kimberley photos today and shall get them up soon.I fell into a spinifex plant over there and had all these sore infected spinifex spines stuck in my hands for over the last week but now I have most of the darn spines out so hope I may be able to get creative again without being in pain.


kiwicarole said...

Hi Annette, I loved the video and your nephew did a fantastic job! You'll be able to tell people you knew him before he became famous!!! lol

Danielle D said...

Hi Annette! I have nominated your blog for an "I Love Your Blog" award, here at my blog. Hope you don't mind - I find your blog very inspiring.


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