Monday, August 4, 2008

Next Generation Stampers "B" Art Lottery Stash

We had a huge amount of mail on our return home after four weeks away and in amongst that was some gorgeous stuff from the Next Generation Stampers "B" themed June art lottery.Participants made a piece of art using the letter "B"as the theme and then Trish randomly picked one person as the winner.I was dump struck and delighted to find out I had won just before we left on the BIG TRIP.So imagine my wide eyes and ohs and ahs as I opened all the sent items when I got home LOL
Firstly is a gorgeous blue themed textured ATC from Autumn Labbe-Renault

This colourful quirky "B" was a Butcher ATC was made by Sue Curtis.I just love the textured crayon in the bg here too.

Rosie Rowe sent me this lovely textured cuttlebug free standing card that she made after being inspired by my textured bug creationas and as a thankyou for something I sent her.It came with her art lottery piece which is the blue scalloped tag below.

Ria Vaneman made me a"beauty queen" the white pen work she used here...I'm still in search of one that works well in the heat here.I have 11 now and all have stopped working after a short time

Rena Sawatski sent this colourful and gorgeous buddah card.The bg colour is so lush as she has applied the colour to water colour paper

Priscilla Hill's entry was this pretty pastel swirly birthday card.Love the birdy with his hat

Pam Brown(Queen Pam) made and sent this lovely stencil looking "beautiful day" card

Kim Smith's ATC "discover the beach" has pretty vintage beach images on it.

Julie Bowman's triptych "brother and sister" ATC is just gorgeous and opens to this
Jenny Croft made and sent this colourful blue/green butterfly card

Fiona Davis used vibrant blue colour in this gorgeous blue themed "blooms" ATC

Carol Sweeney made the pretty gold and blue "beauty ATC at left and Lorraine Revalee the wonderful "blackbird" ATC at right

Thankyou so much everyone for your entries and of course the unstoppable creative muse Trish for holding the art lottery


christina d said...

Wow!! What a great gift to come home to. They are all great artists.

QueenPam said...

Wonderful art! I'm glad my piece
made its way to Austraila. Kinda feels like a piece of me is there!


Rosie said...

Wow!! That's sensational! I'm just playing catch up Annette and am glad to see you blogging again.
I absolutely love the xmas pages - aren't they divine?!
Today I am trying my first water transfer using my printer and your paper... I have my fingers (mentally) crossed!!
(((hugs))) Rosie


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