Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Christmas At My House Swap.Last pages are here and what I did

Life has a way of surprising you doesn't it.Grant turned fifty last week so we both arranged to have three days off work on our quieter week which gave us seven days off.He isn't a drinker and does not like parties so I let him choose what he wanted to do to celebrate his birthday...and he chose a quick trip to the Kimberley's in Western Australia.OMG there is so much over there to see and do.We camped at the Purnululu national park(Bungle Bungle's)in tents and did two days of bush walking to various gorges and lookouts.The colours of the eroded sandstone mountain range takes your breath away.They have eroded to cone like shapes with gorgeous ochre coloured bands.Against the vast blue sky they look breathtakingly beautiful.We went as far as Fitzroy Crossing and explored an amazing creek that has tunneled its way thru a mountain.You can walk all the way thru it for 750mtrs!!!.It's full of stalagmites and stalatites,bats and even fresh water crocodiles.I need to back up some photos in the computer and then I shall load some photos up of what we saw which was just a tiny bit of what there is to see...we are going back for longer next year
On another note when we got home there were the gorgeous last three pages from the Christmas At My House swap waiting for me.Jessie Scherf made this LAURVLEY interactive page with two hinged doors

Here are the doors open

Next is a shimmery red and gold one from Bridget Larsen

This 3D textured one was made by Carol Anderson.I so love the texture and embedded bits in the Opals frame here

Now we all have our pages I can show you what I did.This is my front page.I made thin sheets of Opals embossing enamel using light weight Vilene,sheer material and Opals embossing enamels.You can read how here
Then I put it thru the Cuttlebug several times in different directions using different embossing folders each time.The page is larger then the Cuttlebug allows so I firmly folded over the bit hanging out across the top of the folder and ran it thru(had my eyes closed the first time LOL)...it makes all sorts of crackling noises BUT pops out the other side unharmed!!!.It makes Textured Cuttlebug pages like I have made before but without all the tearing and gluing.Then I added a inkjet water transfer on calico of an Angel,some stamped words on tissue,stamped fabric paint holly around the image and some tissue texture areas around the Angel to make a frame.I love this Christmas quote I found that says "Christmas is the keeping place for memories of our innocence" so used that.Lastly I added the initial of each person,added some trim and then highlighted the texture areas with Golden Acrylics,Luminarte Polished Pigments and Jo Sonja pale gold paint.

This is the back of my page.I got carried away here and meant to leave room for my Christmas story and details but didn't.I ended up adding that in a separate decorated enve.This side is a Vilene and tissue base sprayed with Radiant Rain sprays.Star texture added at top left and bottom right by pressing texture paste thru sequin waste and when dry painted over it with Golden Acrylics.Vintage Santa inkjet water transfer in the middle and textured tissue to make a frame.Then I stamped holly with black Stamp and Stick glue pad,activated the adhesive with the heat gun and dusted on Lumiarte Polished Pigments.Words were stamped onto tissue and glued down and then Plaid Dimensional Magic applied over the top to finish it off.Areas highlighted with Jo Sonja pale gold acrylic paint.


Michi, Orange County, CA said...

Annette, I'm passin an award to you for your wonderful blog . . . go to my blog for the information . . . CONGRATULATIONS!!!


Jen Crossley said...

Loved your page Annette ,Hope Grant had a great birthday.Im looking forward to meeting you again in Melbourne next year at the retreat

christina d said...

What beautiful art! You have some very talented friends, as well as you are. Looking forward to pictures of your trip.

trisha too said...

that is beautiful!

Julie H said...

The Kimberley is my favourite part of Australia - what a great choice.
Your swap looks wonderful too - lots of variety.


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