Thursday, August 28, 2008

Transfers Link I Found Today

Hi all
I was looking for my Sheer Heaven to do Sheer Heaven Transfers and could not find it.Went thru every draw twice and then in frustration ordered more.Then I went looking for the transfer instructions....couldn't find those either after three searches so Googled them and found them here.After ordering more Sheer Heaven and printing instructions again I decide to use some vellum and open the draw to find...yep the Sheer Heaven and the instructions I was looking for for the last 2 and a half hours...sheesh!!!!!Anyway the good thing was that while I was looking for the dotcalm Sheer Heaven site info I found this other site and it has lots of instructional how too's for all sorts of stuff you can apply in your paper arts persuits.The link will open on a transfer tutorial (rolls eyes and sighs "of course")but you can click at the left for others.Here is the link
My daughter Melissa needed to go to a friends place this evening and while I was driving her there the Something With Numbers song "Stay With Me Bright Eyes" (from the post below) was on the radio that my nephew was in.It was the first time I had heard it on the radio here and made me smile.I was one proud Aunty LOL.Still picking these darn spinifex spines out of my hands but I am starting to be able to hold my pens and brushes again at last.I've resized the Kimberley images and hope to do a post about them in the AM :o)
Annette In Oz

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