Saturday, January 1, 2011

August Trip To Broome-part3.

We arrive at Broome at last. We stay just a few blocks away from Cable Beach at The Beaches Of Broome's a long time since I stayed in a backpackers and back then the accommodation was ROUGH. This was not so and was luxurious, air conditioned, own TV and fridge etc and a welcome sight after a days drive. Here is Mum and Audrey slumming it.

The view over the pool from our balcony.

We have to stay here longer then planned as there were accommodation problems on the way back. As it turned out that was a blessing as you will see. We spend lazy days exploring the beauty of Broome and its surrounds. It's amazing to go for a short drive and be amongst glorious wide open sandy beaches with very few other tourists around.

This trip also had many firsts for us all. Audrey had never been up here along the North of Oz. Mum and Audrey had never been in a helicopter till they took the Bungle Bungle's flight. Tim and I had never been beyond Fitzroy Crossing. Grant had never had to travel with two older ladies and a teenage boy LOL.
Mum and Tim had never been on a Camel so what better place to do that then on the gorgeous Cable Beach pre sunset. They have such sweet faces but can be quite nasty bitters too.
Here is Tim with a "quieter" one.
Mum and Tim prepare for the upward rise.

It looks like his legs are sinking in the sand with the weight of it all ...will he make it.

Of course LOL.

The Camels stretching and reflecting across the low tides.

A rival group pass by.

Tim and Mum's shadow.

Grant and I go for a stroll as we wait their return. I find these curious "natures drawings" in the sand...they look like Boabs to me *grin*.

I sink my toes into the cool sand. I miss the ocean.

On another day we explore around Broome itself. We have come at a great time as there are extreme low tides there now. Some magic happens here at this time. We race off to Gantheum point to capture some of this. The view from there back along Cable Beach.

A light house Broome style at Gantheum Point...

also makes a great nesting site for an Osprey.

The weathered sandstone sentinels all over the point.

and at last the treasures of the point at low tide are exposed...Dinosaur prints!!

Sunset is apon us and we go back to Cable Beach and secure a spot on the high sand dunes to watch the fading light and eat yummy fish and chips by the sea. I'm in heaven.

Another beautiful day dawns. We spend it looking thru the quaint shops in China Town and the Museums. In the afternoon we make our way to Town Beach. It's nestled on a red Cliff wall and as the tide goes out the red washes into the sea to give this awesome contrast of colours.

We find a spot with a zillion other tourists and wait for another magical moment that occurs here at extreme low tides. We wouldn't have seen this if we hadn't of stayed the extra days. The sun sets at last and we all give a collective gasp as the moon rises over the mud flats. Its reflection across the extreme low tide mud flats cause a stair like sight, to the's a well known event and something I had wanted to see for many years. Stairway to moon crossed off my bucket list!!!. This isn''t my photo by the way as I forgot to put my setting to night time and my shots were crap but this IS what I saw. Thank goodness for Google.

Time is running out. The next day we go to Malcolm Douglas's Fauna Park.
Lots of animals to see and a several HUGE fat Salt Water crocodiles.

Then its off to Roebuck Bay for Tim to have his first ever Hover Craft ride.

It's low tide again and Tim got to see more Dinosaur prints. These were larger Diplodocus impressions left on the mud floor from ancient times past.

Before we all know it we are back on the road heading home again.
We stop to take this shot of a gorgeous Grenville in flower.

We stop at the same spots we went too on the way over but back at Kununurra we take the drive to Lake Argyle....such a pretty spot.

Leaving Western Australia and onward to home.
Home again...The Wet Season is in full swing. Minty scared this poor young Possum up the back door. It came down again Ok and waddled off to find it's Mum.

Before Mum and Audrey leave we take them for a day trip to Kakadu. Grant and his Mum on a bush walk while we were there. Another treasured memory for him, her and us.

The perfect holiday soon came to end...Audrey left and then my Mum. A holiday of fun, unimaginable beauty and a treasury of memories. 2010 has also come to end and 2011 sweeps her arms out to embrace us all. May she give you all peace and happiness.
Annette in Oz


Brenda said...

Your photos are amazing, loved reading about your holiday, really makes me want to go there myself. One day.
Have a wonderful 2011. xx

purple bird art said...

Annette I'm rally enjoying following along with your trip and your photos are wonderful! I am going to add riding a camel to my bucket list!!

Chris said...

Annette, your photography is a wonderful as your artwork! Thoroughly enjoyed the pics. We saw a documentary last night "Australia a land beyond time) it was supposed to be IMAX but we don't have that. But it was fabulous. Grant would have love the reptiles. The only people in the film were on the bonus features.
I highly recommend it.
Hugs, Chris xo

Jen Crossley said...

These photos are amazing Annette,really stunning country side alot of us never get the chance to see.

Queen Of Toys said...


Loved the photo of the convoy of camels/shadow shot and the stair way to the moon is just awesome. I really enjoyed reading about your holiday makes me want to visit the west and top end even more now.

Gail said...

your photos are wonderful, these are places i will probably never get to see, thank you for showing them, looks like an amazing holiday!


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