Tuesday, December 28, 2010

August Trip To Broome-Part 2

We leave Hall's Creek and make our way West to Fitzroy Crossing.When we travel Grant always spies his beloved reptiles.We stop to take a photo of this gorgeous Centralian Blue Tongue..he was a feisty little fella and flattened himself out,blue tongue dashing in and out in his attempt to scare us off.
Once settled in at Fitzroy crossing we take a short drive and go to Geikie Gorge.I have never been here.We catch one of the Geikie Gorge Cruises to be met by lime stone walls stained and ereoded away from the water as it raises in The Wet Season and lowers in The Dry Season.It's a beautiful place. Water ripples reflect along the walls and there are several Fresh Water Crocs lazying around.

Looking back along onew side of the Gorge.

and the other side looking back.

Unfortunately Audrey slipped on her way off the boat and fell between the boat and the landing area causing a large jagged skin tear to her leg.Poor thing...she was sssoo embarrassed and Grant's face went white as a ghost...you forget your parents are so frail as they age.I work as a Registered nurse with the elderly and had taken a large first aid kit with us so I cleaned the wound,dressed it and bandaged it up.

Next area to visit was Windjana Gorge.Mum and Audrey sat this one out.This is the entrance to the gorge thru a slit in the rocks.Tim and Grant are dwarfed by its size.I can just imagine the water running thru here in The Wet Season.

The rock faces of the gorge have been worn smooth by past rushing water.In one spot there is a large fossil preserved in it's grasp.

All thru the gorge there are Fresh water Crocs...they are used to humans passing by and you can get quite close to them.

Back at the Fitzroy Crossing Hotel we stayed at we spy a vintage car.It's a charity drive for the Starlight foundation to raise money for kids with cancer.I was fascinated by the rusty corrugated iron roof and that the cars(there were 3 we saw) looked so old and yet were still drivable.....hhhmm much like me LOL.

Next day we visit Tunnel Creek again.I'll only put a few photos of here in this time as we visited it in 2008 here.Boabs dot the landscape everywhere out here.They are very slow growing so larger ones are ancient.

Audrey getting close to some Boab's.

Looking back at the entrance of Tunnel Creek from just inside.

From the exit looking back.

The exit from inside.

No Freshies this time but as usual Grant finds a reptile in there.This time it's a Stimpson's python.

We leave Fitzroy Crossing and make our way to Broome. We do a quick trip up to Derby and stock up on supplies and fill scripts etc.There is another Prison Tree here.This one is ancient judging by it's size.

Back on the highway heading ever so closer to Broome we stop at Willare Roadhouse and are thankful this was someone eles's bill to pay and not ours!!!

1709 Kms (1061 miles) from home
and 166 Kms (103 miles) to go.

On our last trip over here we only went as far as Fitzroy Crossing so I was excited to be able to go to Broome.The landscape was slowly changing and becoming more sandy with lots of low shrubs.The beauty of Broome awaits us.


Annette In Oz

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