Monday, December 27, 2010

Hand Made Cards-made sent and recieved!

Merry Christmas.I hope you all had a great day (if you celebrate it).It's been a mad rush here these last few weeks.I decided I couldn't send store bought cards and spent most of my time pre Christmas making hand made cards.Family got cards with Minty the Jack Russel on the top...she paid to have her photo taken with Santa to support the RSPCA.

I've received some lovely cards from my arty friends this year....thank you to you all.This one was made by Louise Magetti from Queensland.

Alice Mc Kinney in Western Australia made this traditional vintage looking masterpiece.

Barb Porritt from Victoria made this amazing T slider construction card.You pull the tab at the right and the centre panel moves up and to the side to reveal a message underneath.I love it!!

Gail Hart from Tasmania made this lovely angel Christmas card and sent me a BIG surprise too.

Kat Palmer made a lovely embossed Christmas themed card.

Sue Gregory used shades of blue on white to make me this pretty long card.

Linda Aldred made this winter wonderland card...snow...I wish LOL.

and lastly but not least Riki Showell stamped and coloured this cute gum nut Christmas card for me.
Along with the Christmas cards there were some late but highly appreciated birthday cards.The first one is from Celeste who has made a lovely bird themed the nest with eggs at the bottom and those cute bird punched shapes.

and Gail made me this gorgeous butterfly,bird and swirls card.

The next one is one I made for my friend Louise Magetti birthday.The hand carved bird stamp image in the centre was made by Jan Harris whom I did several classes with at the Creative Soul Art Retreat earlier this year.During class I had stamped the bird on tissue and then once home forgot about it till I was looking for an image to use on Louise's card.I've painted the bird with Daler Rowney iridescent inks.Polished pigments and Schmincke are on the bg so the card was very rich in colour and shimmer.I had to photograph it side on as it kept reflecting light in areas.

This is what I made for my arty friends this Christmas...sorry if they are still waiting for them but I didn't post some till boxing day!!!

Outside the weather has been WET WET WET.No as bad as the Eastern States were there has been heaps of flooding.Still its made for more magical happenings in the bush block we live on.There are thousands of these termite tubes that have popped up overnight.They are made of dirt and look like natures sky scrappers.I think they do these high because of the rain in case there is flooding.Its the exit for them after they evolve underground.When the time is right they knock the top off and fly away.I know they are a pest but I find it fascinating to see these dirt tubes everywhere.
Of course more mushrooms are popping up too.These orange ones are almost fluro!!!

What would Christmas be without babies being born? The Northern Blue Tongue has given birth to 9 babies.Grant has a handful of them here.

Sometimes I can't see the Forest for the trees and have only just noticed how to upload more then one photo at a time here LOL.I've been thinking I should get too and upload some pf my photos from our trip to Broome in August so now I know how to do more then one photo at a time I shall try to do that after dinner tonight.Tomorrow and the next day I have slotted to play at my desk.I hope 2011 brings you all love,laughter,good health and happiness.
Annette In Oz


Alison said...

Aren't those babies sooo cute!!!!

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Annette,

Thank you for my lovely card. Wonderful creation, one to be treasured indeed.

Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Annette,

Thank you for my lovely card. Wonderful creation, one to be treasured indeed.


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