Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wet Season-Snails are Back and Loads of Mushroom's

Wet season is in full swing. Hot humid days and thunder storms on and off are the call of day/night. The trees and plants are all green and there is sssooo much moisture every where. Along with the rains my snails are back and lots of mushrooms. My kids painted some snail backs three years ago. Last year three came back. Only the purple one is here so far but who knows how old the others were or if the paint finally wore off. I have no idea how long these snails live but I get a surprise each Wet season when they turn up again :o).

Then there are the mushrooms popping up everywhere. These nestling in a hole in a tree look like some cosmic planet. I love how nature paints any pallet of colour she chooses...blow the colour and green here and I love it.

Red and yellow works for this mushroom too.

Even tiny orange mushrooms on moss green looks awesome....Divine!!!

In the pond Grant built we have some night flowering Lillie's. The saturated pink colour of the flowers is ssssooo gorgeous. I don't know why they bloom at night...maybe to attract a type of moth for cross pollination???. In the daytime the day flowering ones come up. They are purple but every time I take a photo of them they look washed out. I'll get Grant to take a shot of them with his camera as it is much better then mine.

The pond is starting to look more natural as the grass grows over the plastic and the bull rushes have come out. I'm hoping we get to do the waterfall next Dry season.

I'm off to do some back exercises and then it's MORE Christmas card making. When it gets too tedious I stop for 1/2 an hr and play with my jewellery...I just can't resist LOL. I have a partly done leaf form, tiny dancer done...she needs some arms...and a curious head of a man peeping thru a key hole. I'm partial to using some odd images and this one is odd LOL.
I've sold some of my other jewellery again. Tiny Dancer and the Copper Cuff have found new homes in the USA. Miss 6 necklace and her older sister cuff are going to a friends Mum for Christmas...hope she likes them. "Pardon" and "The Time Keeper" have found a new home in QLD. How amazing is that?. I'm still pinching myself that people even like my jewellery attempts and ask to buy them at all.....also amazed to set my inner critic free and accept people's offers to buy them...I have said I am not good enough sssooo many times I think I believed I say a humble yes I will sell it and thank you!!!
Annette In Oz


purple bird art said...

What a lovely post! Your pond is beautiful and your descriptions of the mushrooms and the snails make me feel like I am there to see them. We are in our rainy season here on the west coast of Washington state, USA but it is winter for us and the snails, slugs and mushrooms are hiding from the rain and there are no showy flowers to brighten the gray. Love your jewelry, Annette!! Especially your captured fairy. May you never grow too old to believe. Jan

Rockin Robin Caldwell said...

Uh oh...I see fodder for art!! Those snail shells look irridescent in the photo. More natural fodder for art??? I'd be scooping up the dead snails for those babies!! I enjoy seeing your nature pics. live in such a magical place. You are a lucky lady Annette. Hugs, Rockin Robin C


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