Thursday, December 9, 2010

For The Boys

I've been trying to get into making Christmas cards but all the lovely ice resined bezels on my desk keep side tracking me.Yesterday I couldn't resit them any more LOL and made some "manly" necklaces...or maybe man themed necklaces as I would wear them myself!!!.I had the large used old bullet for ages and used it with an old Police badge plus a resin bezel with a vintage man inside.A brass base,sterling silver wire and a brass spike dangle to finish it off.

A bit closer...I've since moved the center dangle on the bullet to the left as it was too far to the right.

Then I made a simple necklace.The black metal bezel has a gorgeous little key hole in the centre with a vintage man looking out.I used three layers of resin and each time added some tiny little watch parts.It has more depth in real life then I can photograph.I just added a lined black cord with magnetic clasp as the necklace and kept it all simple.


Grant was cleaning the verandah this morning and found this gorgeous Merten's water monitor behind a storage cupboard.We see the monitors rarely these days as their numbers have been badly affected by the cane toads, so it was great to have this one turn up.

I really need to get these cards done.....maybe I should hide all the bezels to stop me getting distracted LOL.
Annette In Oz

1 comment:

Jen Crossley said...

ALways choose metal over cards Annette LOL.Your work is just stunning.
Dont like the lizard sorry.


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