Friday, May 11, 2012

Fourth Class with Finnabair In Darwin

This was the last class we did with Finnabair here in Darwin. We started late and were still trying to get it completed at 7pm. I just got too tired to continue and had to leave hoping I will complete this at a later date. This time we made a journal from scratch using tea bags! So here is my front cover. The last spray of colour was a black with gold mixed in it so it was hard to photograph without reflecting light even with no flash on. The four round circles are round tea bags.

 Looking from bottom up across the textures.

The back. I only used one tea bag in the centre of the crochet heart

 The dark spot on the heart at lower right on the tea bag is a deep dark the heart is bleeding.

This is one of the inner pages. It isn't finished and the photos are not even glued down but I just loved the effect of the bg we made.

Here are two samples of Finnabair's tea bag journals.

This retreat was up there with the best I have ever done. Finnabair was lovely and I would highly recommend you do her classes if she comes to your part of the World.
Annette In Oz


Chris Arlington said...

Annette, this is so awesome! What a treat this must of been. I assume that the tea bags weren't used, so were they scented in anyway ? Love your last pages too really interesting background.

Jen Crossley said...

Annette your work looks amazing so glad you went and did this class it was a chance of a life time.


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