Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hand painted Artist Trading Card by Lauren

Don't you love getting arty mail? A lovely lady from QLD sent me the nicest comments and I in turn admire her artistic style and comment back at her posts. Lauren does scrapping but she also makes artist trading cards and draws and paints. When I made my last lot of resin rings Lauren admired a rimg I made with the Tim Holtz spinner in it so I sent it to her(also as her birthday present :o). In return I received some amazing art by Lauren in the mail. She made me an awesome thank you card and a hand painted artist trading card.
I  was blown away by Lauren's ATC...what a lucky lady I am!!

Thank you so much Lauren and I will try to frame this ATC some's too gorgeous to be poked away in my ATC album!!
Annette In Oz xxx

1 comment:

Lauren said...

Annette, I somehow missed this post. Thank you so much for the promotion and I'm so glad you liked them.


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