Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bottle cap necklaces and ring

I've been tucked away in the art room every chance I can get in between my added choirs while hubby is away, to try and make a steam punk puffy heart. It's the first one I have ever done and I am learning as I go. There are a few mistakes on it but trial and error will mean subsequent puffy hearts should be less of a hassle and easier to make. As soon as I have worked out how to attach the heart to the base I shall upload it. It has some plastic and rubber dodads on it and as soon as I tried to solder it with flame it started to smoke and smell so today I shall try using a soldering iron and smaller bore solder wire and if that still wont work it will be glued or wired together! In the mean time here are the images of some of my other bottle cap and Ice Resin necklaces.

 And another Ice Resin bottle cap ring with adjustable brass band.

Annette In Oz

1 comment:

stregata said...

Looking forward to seeing the heart! Rubber and plastic better to attach after any soldering work - they just aren't heat compatible and not to mention any fumes that might not be so safe...


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