Sunday, July 1, 2012

"Strike A Pose" cuff and another Nesty

It took me two days but I have finally caught up with e-mails. Now to keep on top of them!!. SSSoo I now have time to get into blogging and get a few more jewellery items up. The first one is an atched brass cuff which wass then aged with patina. Ice resin filled bezel, vintage image and and gorgeous floral stampings on either side of the bezel.

Then I made an old favourite nesty one. I seem to come back to nesty's and leaf forms for some reason. I've always had a love of nature and vintage so I guess I get to combine the two when I make nests and my leaf dancers. Twisting the brass wire is rather relaxing as well. The cuff is etched brass and aged with patina again.

I'm off work for the next ten days as I have to have another small procedure on my left shoulder on Tuesday. I'm hoping to get some art done before Tuesday as the specialist said not to do anything strenuous for a weel after the procedure. Fingers crossed this last thing fixes my shoulder for good.
Annette In Oz


Chris Arlington said...

Wow! I am just blown away by your talent. You will be famous one day.If necessary get an agent.
Hugs, Chris

Michele said...

Annette!! Stunning, gorgeous, just amazing :)
Good luck with the shoulder today too *hugs*


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